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  • Cece Foley

learning to dance like the sun in winter

i know that i am going to be leaving my sweet life in Durango soon, so,

i have been extra present.

i have spent long periods without my phone, without instagram,

watching, and listening, carefully,

this place,

is all about these mountains, immaculately spread before me.

the sun dances on their surface, their body forever in a state of transformation amidst wind, snow and rain;

skiers, snowboarders and mountain bikers;

critters, crawlers and creatures.

each being transformed by another, transformed by another,

beneath a blue sky, saturated in sun,

beneath billows of white snow,

beneath a moon, bold and crisp in the morning.

i have learned to burst through a stained glass window, unbleeding, only beaming.

as the snow glitters in discotheque, as the San Juan's elevation sharpens my breath.

i walk through the blizzard with a good friend, laughing.

we rent Paddington from Redbox and stop for a beer on the way back.

i let the tears rise to my surface as Doses & Mimosas plays. surrounded by new friends

in a new truck on the way to our new favorite dive bar.

loving how i continue to float, and continue to entangle.

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